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Get 1% smarter in every event

A learning space for innovators interested in understanding and developing a latticework of mental models to make better decisions.

Improve the quality of your thinking.

Discover how mental models can help you simplify the complex and improve your understanding the world.

Learn to think better

The quality of our thinking is proportional to the models in your head.

Create opportunities

When you accept more points of view, opportunity increases.

Grow your network

Meet great and interesting people with whom to discover new ways of thinking.

Know more

When it comes to improving your ability to make decisions variety matters.

Think better for better results.

Fast & Entertaining

Get information, answers and learn from each other.

15 min


Community members present and explain the mental model of the week.

30 min


Participants can ask questions or add comments about the topic.


Everyone is encouraged to discuss and debate in a respectful and considerate way.

* There is limited availability in every event so you must RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee your space.

Find the answers to common questions

"Why do I always end up in this toxic situations?.”

“What’s the best way to evaluate a business strategic decision?.”

“How can I understand and connect better with people?”

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Definitive guide to live a financially peaceful, healthy, and secure life.

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